Boat sailing, Bournemouth Pleasure Gardens

I love to look at how children have played outdoors throughout history, and to explore how these insights can inform and inspire our approaches to children's play and engagement today.


Amongst other things, I have been fortunate to research the history of playgrounds for English Heritage, ways in which children have played in private gardens for the National Trust, and children's play in centuries of Royal Parks for the Royal Parks Agency.

Diablo ... no batteries required












Perpetually curious, I carry on digging for details, and am amassing a rather delightful collection of archive illustrations along the way!

If you'd like me to research how children have played in your landscape, do get in touch.


This research can be fascinating in its own right, but has other applications too.






I offer:

  • Bespoke strategies for incorporating your site’s history into the child visitor experience.
  • Research into children in history at your site, and strategies on how to incorporate this into your visitor experience.
  • Publication-ready accounts of children at your site, written either for children or for adults and perfect as a 'way in' to your site's history.