Engagement and interpretation

Earnest discussion about Peter the Great and his astonishing lankiness



Kids aren't dumb, so we do we reduce ourselves to measuring sunflowers and cuddly mascot spotting when trying to engage them with historic sites?


I believe passionately in treating kids with respect but also with an eye to the importance of play in learning, so love to mix Serious Historic Information with a bit of Cheeky Fun.


So when creating a school workshop for Sayes Court in Deptford, it seemed obvious to follow up an introduction to Peter the Great with a wheelbarrow race to reinact his infamous escapade crashing through John Evelyn's holly hedge!

My engagement and interpretation services include:

  • Programmes of workshops and other events to engage children with your historic property. Curriculum-linked or just a bit of fun, we love it either way!
  •  hiStorytelling to introduce children to the wonderful world of landscape history. 
  • Interpretation tools for your youngest visitors, from concept to production.