Waist-High Gardens

We talk to kids, we watch kids, we interview kids and finally we think we know what garden visiting means to them. But do we? Can adult brains ever really imagine what our gardens are like through a child's eye?


As I keep banging on about how we can engage children in our gardens, these questions have been buzzing around at the back of my mind, bugging me as badly as a toddler past bedtime.


So here is the Waist-High Gardens project, in which my gang of intrepid young garden visitors are taking their cameras and recording their Day Out experiences. I'm careful not to interfere with their choice of shots (all I do is edit out the thumb-across-lens views, write the captions and upload), so you're getting a real insight into what makes them tick.


Take a look and enjoy ... and perhaps bear them in mind next time you're second-guessing what children want from your garden.

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