Hahahopscotch play sessions

Photograph copyright Paul Debois

What I really love is to plunge into a chuckle of children (what is the collective noun for a group of kids?) and have a giggly, wriggly play session. 


With this in mind, I have put together an irresistible array of Hahahopscotch play sessions suitable for entertaining groups of children in gardens or other outdoor environments.

Three fabulously fun (and slightly nostalgic) outdoor play sessions:

  • Traditional Garden Games
  • Giggly & Greenfingered children's gardening
  • The Garden History Galavant (sponsored by the Garden History Society)

Hours of simple, inspiring fun ... with no impact on the historic setting! 


These are perfect for garden open days, weddings, parties, school visits, holiday events and fetes.


Do please visit www.hahahopscotch.co.uk for further details.


Photo copyright Paul Debois


Hahahopscotch bring all the kit, energy, enthusiasm and ideas, so you can get on with your other jobs


Prices range from £150 and although Hahahopscotch is London-based, we are happy to travel.


If you'd like me to run a Hahahopscotch play session for you, do get in touch at linden@hahahopscotch.co.uk

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