Linden is available for any projects that will help children enjoy landscapes, from research to advice to getting hands-on with your visitors. 

Engagement and interpretation

Kids aren't dumb, so we do we reduce ourselves to measuring sunflowers and cuddly mascot spotting when trying to engage them with historic sites?


I believe passionately in treating kids with respect but also with an eye to the importance of play in learning, so love to mix Serious Historic Information with a bit of Cheeky Fun.


So when creating a school workshop for Sayes Court in Deptford, it seemed obvious to follow up an introduction to Peter the Great with a wheelbarrow race to reinact his infamous escapade crashing through John Evelyn's holly hedge!


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Guidance and training

As a qualified landscape historian with years of conservation experience, I can offer invaluable advice on how your provision for children can be managed in such a way to minimise detrimental effect to the heritage asset.


But as mum-of-three with a passion for having fun, I can also show you how to make sure that 'conservation friendly' doesn't mean 'safe and dull'! 









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Hahahopscotch play sessions

What I really love is to plunge into a chuckle of children (what is the collective noun for a group of kids?) and have a giggly, wriggly play session. 
With this in mind, I have put together an irresistible array of Hahahopscotch play sessions suitable for entertaining groups of children in gardens or other outdoor environments.
These are perfect for garden open days, weddings, parties, school visits, holiday events and fetes.
Hours of simple, inspiring fun ... with no impact on the historic setting!
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I love nothing more than to be reading childish diaries of jolly days out, or peering over sepia photographs of children on see-saws. And the good news is, this research has a practical application too!


Why waste endless resources trying to dream up new-fangled ways to interest children in the historic outdoors, when so often the answer is there in the past?!


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