Outdoor Children takes a serious approach to children in the historic environment, but kick off your shoes and skip over to www.hahahopscotch.co.uk, to search out the best of children’s play from the past and bring it to life for our 21st century urchins.

Hahahopscotch is about sack races, marbles, conkers, chalkdust, having a go and big big grins.


It’s freckly, dishevelled and forgivably nostalgic ... let’s play!


Hahahopscotch  offers 3 play session themes, all ideal for historic garden settings when small bouncy people need to be engaged or entertained. 

Traditional Games (sack races, tug of war, hoops … all the favourites!) This can be tailored for indoor, outdoor, big spaces, small spaces, and children of all ages.

Giggly & Greenfingered (seeds, shoots, dirt, and nibbling – what’s not to like?!) Small people love gardening and so do we, so there’s a perfect combination! Our gorgeous and fun gardening sessions always end with happy children taking something lovely and horticultural home with them.

Garden Galavant! Supported by The Garden History Society and Timberplay, the Galavant uses unique games ranging from a haha battle of sheep versus gentleman to topiary costumes to provide a tempting taste of garden history. This game is perfect for a historic garden setting, and can be adapted to be a bespoke introduction to the site.

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